Send TradingView Strategy Alerts to KuCoin


It has now been made possible to Automate TradingView Strategy alerts to Kucoin Spot account thanks to the Tradingview to Anywhere tool. The bot uses human-like commands that can be combined with TradingView’s dynamic alert messages.

After creating your TradingView to KuCoin setup, and sending a test to make sure it is running successfully, it is now time to connect to TradingView and start automating the alerts generated by your strategy. Paste the Webhook received on the Webhook URL field of the alerts and format the commands on the message box as follows::

Automating TradingView Strategy to Kucoin Spot
Use either {{strategy.order.action}} - which returns the string “buy” or “sell” for the executed order or {{strategy.market_position}} - which returns the current position of the strategy in string form: “long”, “flat”, or “short”. Specify the exchange, and the quantity using the commands provided on TradingView to Anywhere website. For Example, *{{strategy.order.action}} BTC-USD Q=0.01 will buy/sell 0.01 BTC on KuCoin Spot account.

Automating TradingView Indicator to KuCoin
To automate an indicator, you will need to set two alerts. One for buy and the other one for a sell. Select the indicator as the condition, choose long or short condition, select once per bar to avoid repainting issues, and input the applicable buy/sell command in the message field. For example, if you choose a long condition above, the command will be Buy BTC-USD Q=0.02 to long 0.02 BTC on the Kucoin Spot account. A short condition will follow the same process but this time it would be Sell.

That’s all, it is that simple! :slight_smile: