Automate TradingView Alerts to Kucoin


With TradingView To Anywhere, you can send TradingView alerts to KuCoin. To get started, head over to TradingView to KuCoin website and follow the step-by-step Guide.

While creating your API keys, choose between the Spot/Margin API and Futures API depending on where you want to automate your alerts to and allow the trade permissions and No IP restrictions for smooth processing of your alerts. The API password required on the TradingView to Kucoin website is the API passphrase that you created while creating the API.

Submit your API keys and after logging in, you are ready to automate TradingView Alerts to Kucoin after linking your webhook to your alerts. Applicable commands to be used on the message field of the alerts are listed on the website just below the webhook.