Automating TradingView Alerts to Binance

Automating TradingView alerts with Tradingview to Anywhere bot is very easy. The bot uses humanlike commands that can be combined with TradingView’s special placeholders to access variable values in the alert’s message. After inputting your Webhook URL on the webhook field, follow the below guidelines:

Automating TradingView Strategy to Binance
Use either {{strategy.order.action}} - returns the string “buy” or “sell” for the executed order or {{strategy.market_position}} - returns the current position of the strategy in string form: “long”, “flat”, or “short” (suitable for a strategy that generates close commands). Specify the exchange, quantity, and account using the TradingView to Anywhere commands. For Example, {{strategy.order.action}} BTCUSDT Q=0.03 a=usdm will buy/sell 0.03BTC on Binance USDM futures account.

Automating TradingView Indicator to Binance
Unlike a strategy, do not use placeholders. To automate an indicator, select the indicator as the condition, choose long or short condition, select once per bar and input the applicable command in the message field. For example, if you choose a long condition above, the command will be Buy BTCUSDT q=0.03 a=usdm to long 0.03BTC on Binance USDM futures account. A short condition will follow the same process but this time it would be Sell.

For further information on placeholders, refer to this link

That’s all, it is that simple! :slight_smile: