Automate Multiple Indicators to Binance


From time to time, you may need to automate multiple TradingView Indicators to Biance. TradingView To Anywhere has made sending multiple indicator alerts to Binance possible.

To automate multiple indicators to Binance head over to TradingView To Binance and create your webhook. Load your first indicator onto the chart and set up a new buy/sell alert. Add your Webhook to the Webhook URL section of the alert. On the message box, add the applicable buy/sell syntax command as provided on our website on the command section and click okay.

Congratulations, you just set up your alerts from the first indicator. Now add the second indicator to the chart, add an alert, select the second indicator as the condition and proceed as you did in the first alert. Once done click on okay and now you have your second alert from the second indicator.

Repeat the above process for all the indicators you want to automate and when any of the indicators generate an alert, it will be sent and executed on your chosen Binance account.

Here at TradingView To Anywhere, automation is made simple for everyone! You need zero coding knowledge! :slight_smile: