Automate TradingView Indicator to IQ Option

You can now send TradingView alerts to IQ Option thanks to the Tradingview to Anywhere tool. The bot uses human-like commands that can be combined with TradingView’s dynamic alert messages.

To start automating, create your IQ Option Webhook on our website and once you are done, you can proceed to set up alerts on TradingView as explained below:

Here are the parameters that we shall be used to send our TradingView alerts to IQ Option:

  1. To select “Higher” use either BUY, LONG, or 1. For “Lower” use either SELL, SHORT, or -1.
  2. The asset name e.g. EURUSD, USDJPY etc.
  3. To specify the amount to trade, use Q= size of your option in USD or percentages. E.g. Q=10 or Q=1%
  4. To select an expiry time, use E= expiry of your option. E.g. E=1, or E=5 for 5minutes.
  5. Use the parameter T to choose between the Binary and Digital option. e.g. T=BINARY or T=DIGITAL
  6. Use the parameter A to choose between Real and Practice account. e.g A=PRACTICE or A=REAL

Automating TradingView Indicator to IQ Option
To automate a TradingView Indicator to IQ Option, create a new alert from the Indicator, choose the condition for buy, and paste the buy command provided on ur command list in the message box of the alert and combine it with the above-explained parameters.
For example, *buy EURUSD Q=5 a=REAL E=5 T=Binary will go Higher on EURUSD with 5USD on your real account on Binary account.
Create another alert and select the condition for a short, on the message box, input the sell command as provided on our command list. Example: Sell EURJPY Q=5 a=REAL E=5 T=Binary

That’s all, it is that simple!