The nature of the Q unit used for the order

When we use percentage when determining Q in the actions taken section, we use the percentage of the entire existing budget, not the percentage of the remaining budget.
This causes an error when opening a position.
For example, our future budget is 1000 dollars and we want to open a position with 60 percent of our budget.
He opens the first position at $600. and you’re left with $400. When opening the second position, we want to open the position with 60 percent of the remaining 400 dollars, but we want to open the position with 600 dollars, which is 60 percent of our total future budget, and we make an error because there is not enough margin.
When we give a percentage to the q attribute, can we process it with the percentage of our idle budget?


Hello, is this a crypto platform?

hi. binance platform

Hello friends, will you have an answer?

hi, bybit platform also

@Lucem please update us on this.

I don’t think you can make any progress on this issue.

Let’s wait for @Lucem to give us feedback.

We use the available balance to calculate the amount required to open a trade.
I will evaluate each platform mentioned here. Keep an eye on this topic.