Sending a Relative Strength value to Google Sheet

Good day everyone

I setup my alerts on a Relative Strength indicator. When my alert is triggered, I want the value of the RS indicator sent to Google sheet.

How should I write my alert message for this?

In case that helps, here is the coding for my RS indicator:

study(“Relative Strength”, shorttitle=“RS”, resolution="")
comparativeTickerId = input(“TTCD”, type=input.symbol, title=“Comparative Symbol”)
lenght = input(50, type=input.integer, minval=1, title=“Period”)
showMA = input(defval=false, type=input.bool, title=“Show Moving Average”)
lenghtMA = input(10, type=input.integer, minval=1, title=“Moving Average Period”)
baseSymbol = security(syminfo.tickerid, timeframe.period, close)
comparativeSymbol = security(comparativeTickerId, timeframe.period, close)
hline(0,, linestyle=hline.style_dotted)
res = baseSymbol / baseSymbol[lenght] /
(comparativeSymbol / comparativeSymbol[lenght]) - 1
plot(res, title=“TTCS”, color=#1155CC)
sma_1 = sma(res, lenghtMA)
plot(showMA ? sma_1 : na, color=color.gray)