[Request Feature] Max DrawDown (%) & Intraday Loss (%)

Hello, as the title suggests, mine is a request to implement a function that you don’t have.
So very briefly: is it possible to put two fields in the EA?
These two fields are as follows:

  • Total Max DrawDown (%)
  • Max Intraday Loss (%).

For Developers i can simplify the two functions because they already exist on pine-script, in fact they correspond to:

strategy.risk.max_intraday_loss(value=<VALUE Without %>, type=strategy.percent_of_equity)
strategy.risk.max_drawdown(value=<VALUE Without %>, type=strategy.percent_of_equity)

Where the VALUE is a number ranging from 1 to 100% and if 0 (or disabled) we can leave 100.

I don’t know the limits of mt4 so could you tell me if it’s a feature that is possible to implement on mt4? If it’s doable, can I get an estimate of how long it might take?

Thanks for your time and your patience
Kind Regards, Kevin

Hello @JackSkeletron. Thank you for your request, That sounds like an important feature.

Please go to our website, platforms and select MT4/5. Scroll toward the bottom to locate the Request MT4/5 Feature option.

Submit this information there and the developers will get back to you.

Thank you.

Hello @Tash, that’s exactly what I did, could you explain the steps better?
I’ll select mt4 and mt5 in the tags, but in which category should i put the topic? :thinking:
Thank you for the reply

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