Repeated Disconnections of the Expert Advisor

My expert advisor keeps disconnecting itself while I have a VPS. It disconnects itself and I always have to attach it to the chart. A lot of my signals don’t execute 'cause of that and it sends me “4756 invalid trade parameter” until I attach it over to the chart. Would you mind giving me guidance on how to solve this issue?

Hello @thisismouhammad

On how many instances are you having the EA running?

The EA should be installed on one chart only. Error 4756 can mean wrong parameters sent or invalid TP/SL. To know the exact error, open the Expert tab and the logs there will tell you the exact error.


That’s not the problem. I run it only on one chart. The problem is that it always disconnect itself and I have to always attach it back to the chart to get it connected. Then all signals are executed. But it does it only for one signal and disconnects itself while I have a VPS.

Which VPS are you using? And what is your EA version?

This is not a problem with the EA. It has to be something else, and most likely the VPS in use. You can remove the EA from the VPS setup, test it on a different VPS and see if the problem reoccurs.