Multiple Commands on Crypto Platforms

Hello there TradingView To Anywhere Community. You can now automate your TradingView strategy/indicator to ByBit, Binance, BitMex, and KuCoin with ease by making use of our multiple commands under one alert.
To get started, make sure that each command starts on a fresh new line, and you can confirm that by pressing the enter key each time you want to add a new command. The commands will be executed in the order one after the other meaning the first command will be executed first and the last command is executed last.

  • Example on ByBit:
    Close BTCUSDT
    {{strategy.order.action}} BTCUSDT q=0.001
    Cancel BTCUSDT

The above command will first close any existing BTCUSDT open market orders, it will then execute the strategy command, and finally, it will cancel any pending orders of BTCUSDT.

Here at TradingView To Anywhere, we keep adding more features to make your trading experience even better! :slight_smile: