Modify Your Webhook Settings

While automating your TradingView alerts to anywhere, you may realize that alerts are not executing according to plan. In most cases, this is caused by an error during the setup process. Some errors such as wrong API keys, and insufficient API keys permissions may seem minor but have a great impact on the success of a webhook.

Other minor errors that occur commonly include omitting the negative sign that comes with Telegram Channels chat IDs or having a chat ID from a different channel. Fortunately, TradingView to Anywhere has made it easy to correct these setup errors in that you do not have to repeat the whole process afresh.

To correct errors on your webhook, go to your Webhook and click on ‘Manage’, navigate to ‘Your Webhook Settings’ and click to expand. From here you can edit any settings that you may have made an error on and once done, click on update settings and you are good to go.

See how simple that was? Here at TradingView To Anywhere, everything is meant to be simple and easy :slight_smile: