Issue with Last Candle in TradingView Replay Mode for Larger Timeframes

Hello fellow traders,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been using TradingView’s replay mode for a while now, and I’ve noticed an unusual behavior that I wanted to discuss with the community. Specifically, when using larger timeframes like 800 minutes or 1000 minutes, the last candle in replay mode appears to be changing along with the live candle.

As we know, replay mode is intended to allow us to go back in time and analyze historical data as if it were “fixed” at that point. However, this issue with the last candle creates confusion and may affect our ability to make accurate assessments of historical price action.

I was wondering if any of you have also encountered this problem or if it’s just a glitch on my end. If it’s a widespread issue, it might be helpful to bring it to the attention of TradingView’s technical support team.

If you have any insights or solutions to fix this, please share them here. Alternatively, if you’ve experienced other peculiarities in replay mode, feel free to share your experiences too.