How to setup multiple Take Profits?

Should there be multiple lines for each TP? if yes, then should there also be quantity mentioned for each TP?

Hello @mtahreemalam,
No. We do support one TP at a time.

There are however two ways you can use to achieve multiple take profits;

  1. Splitting up your position into smaller portions with different take profits. In this case, each position will be closed when its own tp is hit.
    BUY EURUSD Q=0.01 TP=1.1234
    BUY EURUSD Q=0.01 TP=1.345
    BUY EURUSD Q=0.01 TP=1.456

  2. Using partial close command. In this case, you open one position, and each time your tp level is hit, have your TradingView script send a partial close command with the quantity to close.
    For example, CLOSE EURUSD Q=0.01.