How to Limit Number of Trades on Meta Trader


When automating TradingView alerts to MT4 or MT5, a strategy may generate more than the required alerts and if you have automated your TradingView alerts to Meta Trader, it may result in a high number of open trades than needed.

Thanks to the developers, the TradingView to MT4 EA and TradingView to MT5 EA have the capability to limit the number of trades per pair at any given time hence solving repainting issues from your indicator. Having this feature gives you an upper hand on your trades.

To limit the number of trades, go to the EA settings and navigate to Pyramiding. Input the value as the number of trades you want open and you are good to go. Whenever that limit is reached, no more trades can be opened and you are notified on your channel that the pyramiding limit has been reached.

It is important to note that you limit the number of trades in one direction. If an opposite order is sent in, it will close the reverse positions before opening. All this happens when you have the Hedge settings set to ‘false’. To keep your open position open when an opposite signal comes in, set the Hedging settings to “True”

See, it is very simple :slight_smile: