Get correct alert message output (ByBit)

Good day kind sirs or madams,

So right now i have my strategy connected to ByBit, my alert looks as follows:
{{strategy.market_position}} {{ticker}} Q={{strategy.order.contracts}} hedge

now here is my problem:

Now i have a long and a short position at the same time, one of the strategies will give a close call for the long position with "flat (ticker) (quantity).

I have noticed that it will automatically use this call for the first position that was taken, so if the alert actually is to close the LONG, but i was in a SHORT before i entered the LONG, the alert will close the SHORT instead of the long.

Any suggestions about how to get this to work properly, it is a MUST that hedge is enabled since multiple strategies are working at once. Or is there no way to get hedge mode to work correctly the way i want it? (so only solution is to use seperate accounts for each strategy)

Thank you in advance,

Hello Hugyeti, we are currently working on the ability to specify whether to close a long or a short and this will be available soon.

Perfect, thank you for the answer

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