Error 4106 Unknown Symbol


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While automating TradingView alerts to MT4 or sending TradingView alerts to MT5, you may encounter an “Unknown Symbol error.” The cause of this error is a mismatch between the broker’s symbol name and the TradingView symbol name.

Some brokers do include letter(s) beyond the pair symbol as we know it. For example, EURUSD is the symbol for Euro Dollar. Some brokers will have it as EURUSDpro, EURUSDmicro, and so on… Anything beyond the pair symbol as we know it is considered a symbol extension and should be included for trades to execute successfully. In this case, pro and micro are considered symbol extensions.

To execute this using TradingView to Meta Trader bot, do ONE of the following:

  1. Open the EA settings, navigate to Capitalize Symbol Names and turn it to false. Type the symbol name exactly as it appears on your broker in the commands (case sensitive). For example, EURUSDmicro or {{ticker}}micro


  2. Open the EA settings and Navigate to symbol extension. Add the symbol extension in this field and click okay, e,g micro, or pro. On the command syntax, use the standard symbol. Example EURUSD or {{ticker}} instead of EURUSDmicro or {{ticker}}micro.

That’s all, your trades will now be executed error-free on your platform :slight_smile:

Thanks, it was very helpful!! :grinning:

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You are much welcome :slight_smile: