Ctrader and DXTrader

Please add Ctrader and DXTrader, a lot of prop firms are switching to either one of these platforms and people are struggling to copy signals from trading view across to them.

Good day @exzh

I am happy to inform you that our team swung into action and is almost finishing the DXtrade platform.

It will be available soon.

Kind Regrads,

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Amazing work, thank you

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You are welcome :slight_smile:


As i understand, it is not ready for commercial using? :wink:

DX Trade is now available!

Check it out TradingView To DX Trade

Hey @Tash, do you know if the team will be working on Ctrader?

Hello @antrich9

Yes. You will be happy to know they have already started working on it and we may expect it as soon as early next month or late this month.


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