Close futures position using limit on Kucoin

Is there a way to submit a limit order to close a futures position on Kucoin? I know I can open a long/short position using limit orders, but is there a way to close the positions in a similar fashion?

Hello @nickamato, yes there is a way to close KuCoin positions using limit orders.

We will use XBTUSDTM as an example, at the time of writing this, the current price is 30,200.

Let’s say I have an open position of Long XBTUSDTM Q=0.02, and I want to take profit via a limit order once the price hits 31,000. This is achieved by setting an opposite limit order at the desired price to close your order.

So, in my example, I would use SHORT XBTUSDTM Q=0.02 P=31000 to set a limit order that will close my long.

For more examples and commands, you can find them here TradingView To Anywhere - Automate Your Alerts