Can we use a news feature somehow?

Some of the EA that I use can be set up so that it does not trade when there’s a big news like FOMC.
Can we add this sort of feature?

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Hello @sannexus

Sure, you can. We use the session parameter to choose when to trade.

In this way, you can determine when to trade and when not.

For example. BUY EURUSD Q=0.1 S=12:00-14:00. This alert will only be executed between these times. The time is your broker’s server time.


I see.
Great.Thank you

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Hello, Tash,
2 more questions…
1: is the time set on Tradingview, currently I have it set on JST, or GMT? or for that matter broker’s time?
How do you account for summer time etc?

2: Can you place multiple time restrictions?
like say, between 17:00 - 20:00 (london opening in JST) and 21:30-3:00 (NY open) ?

thank you

No, the time used is your broker’s server time. that is what is used.

Yes, you can use multiple times, e,g BUY EURUSD Q=0.01 S=17:00-20:00,21:30-3:00.


One more about this…

Can I set it up in the EA parameter’s default parameter or the Override parameter as well?

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