Bybit spot orders

I’m new here, I’m trying buy and sell orders in spot on bybit and I can’t get them to work.

Can you help me?

thank you so much!

Hello @martibat

Where are you stuck? If you can see your webhook logs, what errors do you see there? That is what will help us figure out what you are doing wrong.

I can’t see the logs, when sending a purchase order “Buy BTCUSDC Q=0.00035” an error is generated, but when sending the command “balance” the error counter is reset

I work with SPOT market

The reason why you can’t see the logs is because you are on a Basic plan. Logs are supported for standard and Pro plans only.

The reason why the above scenario is happening is because, your webhook is correctly configured, but the commands do not match what’s in the account.

Let’s take for instance BTCUSDT in the spot account. When buying, we are using the USDT we already have to buy BTC, hence the quantity Q, should be the USDT amount to use.

When selling BTCUSDT, we are selling the BTC we hold in exchange of USDT. So here, quantity Q should be the amount of BTC coins to sell.

I hope this helps.

Hi Tash

What’s the syntax to buy 1000 USDT worth of BTC and then sell everything?
I’m using a ByBit SPOT testnet account

Asking, as my SELL command is never accepted (see screenshot below)

Thank you

Thank you!

Now working!

Hi, im new, but, perhaps need sen close order and not sell order due is spot?