Binance account on TTA

Hi. please what is the process of changing the binance account that is attached to my TTA. I used an account for the testing period using the free trial , but after the free trial has ended I dont know how to change it to my main account api…Already have a subscription on
please any guide

Hi, please any response to this ?

I have been trying to reach the support but no response too. Please is urgent

Hello support , I saw Standard Expiring in 13 days for a new subscription I just made . This happened after I clicked on transfer Remaining days to new API …please I can not use the account

Hello @elhigh

This is simple.

Go to your webhook on our website, to the right, there is a settings icon. Click on it and select Next.


You can now change the API key attached to your webhook.


I followed the above guide but its not working , i tried checking my balance and I received the below error message:

FAILED AuthenticationError binance {“code”:-2015,“msg”:“Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action.”}!

I also followed the process of transfer , got error also

Hi @Tash , I have not been able to use my weebhook still. I have tried all steps you stated but not working for me …I did transfer balance to another weebhook too, and also putting another API but all failed

Please help look into this …my subscription is running out already

Hello @elhigh

This simply means you submitted the wrong API key.

This depends on your ability to submit the correct API key.

For any reasons you change the existing API key or create a new key, the same should be updated to your webhook by clicking the settings icon, and selecting Next.


Hi @Tash, does it mean I should use the previous API again?.Because I don’t want to use that account API anymore, I used it just for testing purposes. I have created new API on my other account to use but it’s not working for me. Please advice.

@Tash , I can check balance now . I just did text and it works …Thanks

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You are welcome :slight_smile: