About take a lot profit

sell USDX.r q=0.2 tp=0 sl=0
close USDX.r sell q=0.2/50%
i want to take 0.1 profit,but this code will close all
how to do is the best
thank you

Hello mate,
The command to close the partial position will only work if the portion you are trying to close meets the minimum required trading lot size by your broker, with that said, if you have an open position of 0.2lots and you want to close half of it, then this command does the magic: close USDX.r q=50% or you can use, close USDX.r q=0.1. In this case, I am assuming the minimum allowed trading lot size by your broker is 0.1

Setting have something wrong?i use close USDX.r q=0.1 is close all again🤔

No, your settings are correct. maybe we can have a remote session with you and we troubleshoot it together.

telegram or discord ?

Telegram Telegram: Contact @bentash

Hi, I would like to know also the solution.

Thanks :grinning:

Please share your issue and I will guide you :slight_smile:

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